If only Twitter could bring him back…

As a Product Manager, I try to think of every potential permutation or edge case that could affect a feature. I suspect the PM’s at Twitter never anticipated this one…

Ovidiu Opresco was an amazing designer and member of the Shapeways community. He took up 3D Modeling at the ripe age of 70 and created tons of great products, including the awesomely viral Dad’s Beer Ring:

Sadly, Ovidiu passed away this week. The Shapeways community posted memorials for him, and he will definitely be missed.

Today, a few days after his passing, I received this notification from Twitter:

“Bring Ovidio Opresco Back to Twitter… Mention @OvidiuOpresco in a Tweet to bring them back.”

Man. In any other scenario, this would be a great feature, but when I saw this today, it made me quite sad. No amount of tweeting will bring Ovidiu back to us. Rest in peace.